Jumat, 09 Desember 2011


Hidup telah memberikan pelajaran pada kita dan sejatinya kita belajar dari kehidupan dengan berbagai macam cara, sejenak kita dapat membuka mata kita untuk melihat dunia lebih indah dari sebelumnya.
Siapa yang tidak ingin menjadi remaja atau seseorang yang lebih baik, lebih mencintai dan menghargai hidup?... menjadi seseorang yang memiliki keyakinan akan impian dalam hidup, mempertahankan hingga mewujudkan impian hidup?...
Jangan pernah takut untuk bermimpi, tidak ada yang salah dengan sebuah impian selama masih ada keinginan, semua itu akan terwujud. Cibiran dan cacian orang lain, jadikan sebagai sebuah pecut agar dapat berlari lebih cepat demi menggapai impian hidup.
Impian awal dari sebuah kesuksesan hidup, impian sebagai pelangi kehidupan yang mewarnai roda kehidupan ini. Siapapun berhak memiliki impian, tak perlu malu dan tak perlu pesimis. Kejar terus impian itu, ketika anda yakin bisa mewujudkannya...maka anda akan meraihnya.
Kenali diri anda, kenali alur kehidupan yang anda jalani untuk menjadikan anda sebagai inspirator dan motivator bagi orang lain.
Yakinlah bahwa mimpi yang kita miliki sejatinya layak untuk diwujudkan!
-Di dunia ini tidak ada yang mustahil-

Sabtu, 12 November 2011

Cigarettes are the bomb for the Health

Dangers of smoking has dileti and proven by many researchers in dunia.Efek of smoking is very merugukan for health simply can not be perceived directly, but this effect is slowly but surely destroying the organ BAD smoker when smoking habit is not stopped immediately.

According to research by experts in the world, if someone who smoked cigarettes every day can cause the risk of laryngeal cancer, lung, esophagus, oral cavity, blood vessel disorders, disorders of pregnancy and heart disease and even DEATH. According to research experts someone who regularly smoked 3 to 4 cigarettes a day, it led to eight times more at risk for oral cancer than nonsmokers. Even the latest results show that smoking will result in the development of pancreatic cancer. It's amazing, the effects of smoking ...
Each year the frequency of patients with chronic diseases caused by smoking is increasing both men and women. Many research and authentic evidence that smoking can mean a time bomb that could explode in the body to damage health, unexpectedly when a time bomb that will explode. This is because cigarette elicits feelings of addiction. Inside a cigarette contained a substance nicotine. This substance can cause a relaxing effect and it is this which makes it difficult for abandoned smoking habit.
Smoking Dangers for Health is not just for passive peroko peroko active but also have the same effect even greater.
If you include an active smoker, you seem to be a little concerned with the people around him. Why? Because when smoking, not only are you at risk for chronic diseases but the people around have a much greater risk.
When cigarette smoke regardless, is directly a passive smoker would inhale the smoke mixed with air. This can lead to shortness of breath, irritation to the heart and lungs.
Cigarette smoke released contain nicotine, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and ammonia. All of these substances is a deadly poison which can slowly undermine and destroy the health of passive smokers. Even the effect can be more severe when compared with active smokers.
Smoking is very detrimental to health, not only yourself but also others who are nearby. Given the dangers of smoking to health has been very clear and real. Then you should stop smoking since the second is for the sake of their own health and the environment as well as descendants of the smoker. Not infrequently children who are still in the womb to receive the impact of the smoker.
In other words, smoking is an activity that can not be held personally responsible and concerned only, with no altruism 

(smokers = selfish).



Indeed tongue spineless assumption that all people, but the tongue can be sharper than a sword that every day in the teaser for sharpness.
Five senses is often a source of dissension between the initial individuals, groups and even lead to death caused by a word or phrase that comes out of the mouth and tongue.
Today, the tongue does not work well for running life. Many people around us who feel hurt because of the sharpness of the tongue. The tongue can be run and controlled into a positive thing to keep other people's feelings in a way to unite the hearts and minds so that the words that came out did not hurt the feelings of others.
Starting was from now on keep this sacred tongue with kind words, the name of god and most importantly, think about the impact of the words that we speak to those around us.

Jumat, 11 November 2011

Learn from the spider

FAIL ...... everyone is destined to fail. Manto is not uncommon to end his life because he felt failed even to sacrifice other people (children, wife, family and others.) Because he felt like a failure.
many people say "failure is the beginning of success", it's true and it is true if we are to rise from failure and learn from this failure to improve the way we do business to achieve success.
No one in this world who have never or have never experienced a failure in life (successful). So it is true we should be able to manage failures in the early attainment of asweet effort and hard work.
failure management is very important to run in a hard life andhas mental power is the power to achieve success.
Humans should emulate the example of spider is hard work, ready to fail and repair failures. Where every child, he repeatedly destroying the cobwebs are being built by a spider, but spiders that build nests Spry againwith tirelessly repeated and desperate.
We humans were given the excess sense .... there should be no lessthan the actual spider is an animal that does not make sense.
This life is a struggle ... struggle to achieve a positive optimism dreamswith work, hard and unyielding.

Living sacrifice

Life is a sacrifice of time to achieve success and improve the quality of life.

censure is an inspiration to live

Life is hard, sometimes tiring to run. So many hurdles to be overcome to improve the quality of life for the better in this world.

when others spit our shortcomings, the pain may not be detained longer, making life harder. This situation should arouse our lack of good physical, property and everything.

Make censure is an inspiration to live a better way of life, increase vitality and is committed to running a successful human life.

Life is full of flavor to be hurt, do not let this heart continues to be hurt and do not respond well to self harm. Make it hurt this early success to live in this world.